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Course content

  • 1000元
    How to translate perfectly any document in any language

  • 6000元
    Learn everything about emailing, (from few thousands emails to millions of emails)

  • 1000元
    How to send Sms for cheap anywhere on earth

  • 500元
    Mass fax Lesson

  • 2000元
    Setup and autodialer/fax/sms platform

  • 500元
    Google Shopping Lesson

  • 4000元

  • 4000元
    All B2B B2C platforms Ebay, Amazon, Alibab Aliexpress... Lesson

  • 6000元
    SEO lessons

  • 1000元
    Setup massively Online Partnership with the Whois Registration pages Lesson)

  • 1000元
    Facebook Lesson

  • 1500元
    Establish a very powerful Video Strategy with Youtube Dailymotion, Metacafe and many others Video platforms

  • 3000元
    How to use efficiently Adwords platforms


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